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C—4:Transverse double-end milling MX600-2500-G

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C—4:Transverse double-end milling    MX600-2500-G
Function: Accurate and rapid contour machining of the transverse male and female edges of the board, using 6 processing stations and 12 shafts with scrapers.
1. High-precision and high-strength positioning chain, the linear precision is 0.01 mm; length adjustment can be operated by screen touch, high-precision double screw positioning, frequency conversion control;
2. Bearing rolling conveying chain, the intercept error is 0.005mm;
3. The passive upper pressure beam system is equipped with digital display meter to manually adjust the corresponding floor thickness.
4. Passive multiple-roller loader is equipped between the two tracks, which greatly reduces the defective percentage caused by bending work of boards.
5. There is a stock bin for entering of boards and photoelectric control in the front. The maximum continuation height of the stock bin is 200 mm. When the board goes out of the stock bin, the female side on the right is an adjustable fixed guiding rule, and the male side on the left is an adjustable elastic baffle to ensure the left and right positions of the board. A special secondary feeding system is configured to precisely synchronize the positioning of feeding.
6. The upper and lower alloy material platform system at the tool nose is used to control the height difference. The lower alloy platform adopts adjustable fixed type, and the upper alloy platform adopts adjustable vapour-pressure type, to ensure the equal height of the board surface, and the equal precision is 0.02 mm.
7. There are six processing stations on one side, with 12 shafts in total. Each station is equipped with a suction inlet with a diameter of 110mm.
8. The cutter shaft is adjusted by T-type screw, and is equipped with a dial indicator for fine adjustment, with an precision of 0.01 mm.
9. The machine is equipped with a acoustic enclosure with sound-absorbing cotton.
10. The machine is equipped with high-light explosion-proof lamp, which strengthens the adjustment light atmosphere.
Detailed parameters:
1. Processing length: 600-3100mm
2. Processing thickness: 4-15mm
3. Workbench height: 1020mm
4. Speed of cutter shaft: 6000-7000rpm
5. Feeding speed: 5-80m/min
6. Motor power of cutter shaft: High Frequency Spindle (Frequency Conversion Control)
First station: (1 left and 1 right ) 5.5 kw, combined stocking cutter, ±90 degrees, up milling
Second station: (1 left and 1 right) 5.5 kw, backboard rose reamer, ±90 degrees, up milling
Third station: (1 left and 1 right) 5.5 kw, truing cutter, ±90 degrees, up milling
Fourth station: (1 left and 1 right) Scraper, ±90 degrees, positioning milling
Fifth station: (1 left and 1 right) 5.5 kw, lock catch cutter, ±90 degrees, up milling
Sixth station: (1 left and 1 right) 5.5 kw, template, ±90 degrees, up milling
(Note: This distribution of processing stations is exclusively for the patent lock catch of Unilin and Wallinger)
7. Feeding electrical machinery: 4kw (frequency conversion control)
8. Specification of blade tools: Diameter is 250 or bigger (using hydraulic shrink disk), aperture is 40
9. Diameter and quantity of suction port: 115mm*10*2 (inside and outside)
10. Overall size (mm), length x width x height: 5500x4200x1900
11. Weight: about 10,000 kg
Note: Specially for SPC (double-end milling secondary feeding system device, the maximum processing width is 400 mm)
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