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Patent guide rail structure, imitation must be studied

2019-10-22 13:56:55   Source:    Hits:
The guide rail structure(has obtained the National patent, the patent certificate number: ZL .2009.2.00587087) adopts the cylindrical linear rail structure as the benchmark, and the chain is equipped with an imported V-R bearing, which strongly guarantees the straightness of the floor slot.
Because the guide rail surface is cylindrical, rather than the concave shape of the plane,(even the good dust absorption and closure effect can not completely block the entry of dust, and the concave guide rail plane is easy to accumulate dust), so that the dust can not accumulate on the guide rail. The effect of dust on the guide rail is avoided effectively, thus extending the service life of the guide rail to the maximum extent.
Due to its structural characteristics, the circular linear guide rail and the V-shaped R bearing configured on its chain, the force of the pressure beam in use is vertically downward, even if the guide rail and the bearing are worn during the long-term use. Bearing does not produce clearance in the process of running on the guide rail, so as to ensure that the accuracy of the straight line of the floor processing is still accurate. After the side of the concave guide rail is worn, the chain is running because the gap between the positioning bearing and the guide rail is too large, causing the chain to swing left and right during the running process, and it can not operate in an accurate straight line, thus affecting the straight line accuracy of its floor processing. After careful research and design during the manufacturing process, the left and right two cylindrical linear guides are different from the contact points of V-R bearings and special deep groove bearings during use. The two cylindrical linear guides can be completely interchanged. After the replacement, the contact surface of the guide Rails is changed. The use surface of the guide Rails is in a new position and has never been worn, which is equivalent to replacing the new track. Therefore, the replacement cost is almost zero, and the operation is extremely simple. It can be easily replaced with a little understanding of mechanical knowledge. After replacement, the accuracy can be fully guaranteed, and the replacement time can be completed within 2 hours. It is difficult to repair the side wear of concave guide rail completely. The cost of replacing concave guide rail is high, and professional technicians must be replaced and installed to ensure its accuracy, and the replacement assembly and commissioning time is long to affect production and other drawbacks.
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