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If you do not understand the current development of Chinese woodworking machiner

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Woodworking equipment is accompanied by the woodworking industry, but the previous manual equipment can not be called machinery, because its power source is still artificial. The woodworking industry has developed to this day, and mechanical equipment has contributed to it.
Woodworking machinery refers to the machinery used in the production of wood products such as wood, plates, floors, furniture, doors and Windows. According to the product structure and research and development direction, woodworking machinery can be divided into carpentry and wood-based panel machinery and furniture machinery. Among them, furniture machinery includes solid wood furniture machinery, plate furniture machinery, bamboo and rattan furniture machinery and non-wood furniture machinery.
Basic Situation of Global Carpentry Machinery Market is mainly distributed in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. In 2010, the world's emerging industrial countries made every effort to develop the wood processing industry, making the woodworking machinery market rapidly shift, of which the growth of the Chinese mainland and Vietnam market is the most significant. In 2011, the impact of the financial crisis in the United States has not completely faded. The sovereign debt crisis in Europe has triggered a decline in international trade and investment growth, and the pace of global economic recovery has slowed significantly. In this economic environment, the sluggish growth of demand for woodworking machinery in Europe and North America has led to a slowdown in the scale of the global woodworking machinery market. The global market for carpentry machinery in 2011 was approximately US$ 13.706 billion.
At present, Chinese woodworking machinery products are mainly sold to the European Union, the United States, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Brazil, Southeast Asia and Australia, among which the United States and Germany are the largest markets for Chinese woodworking machinery exports. Chinese exports of woodworking machinery products have taken a dominant position in the low-end market. Among them, many products such as precision cutting saw, straight edge sealing machine, sand machine, and four-sided planer have opened the way to the international market. In the future, the gradual expansion of demand in emerging markets such as China, South America, the Middle East, and Africa will bring huge opportunities for the development of Chinese woodworking machinery products with relatively high cost performance. At the same time, with the gradual improvement of the technical level of Chinese woodworking machinery products, domestic enterprises will gain more market share in developed countries such as Europe and the United States.
Chinese woodworking machinery imports are relatively concentrated. In 2013, Germany and Taiwan, China, were still the two largest sources of woodworking machinery imports in China. The combined import volume of the two countries accounted for more than 58 % of total woodworking machinery imports.
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