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How many mistakes did you make in the use of lubricating oil in carpentry machin

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Recently, a friend of mine was very angry. He bought a few woodworking machines, and they broke down in a few months. He was angry and the key manufacturers said it was his fault. The manufacturer said the way he put the oil was wrong.
We all know that not only the quality of mechanical equipment is good, but also the maintenance after use and use is very important. The following is to introduce you to the woodworking machinery of a few maintenance mistakes.
Myth number one: equipment lubricating oil is refueling
Lubrication is not a simple matter. It is a science that uses the basic theories of fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, materials science, applied mathematics, physical chemistry, etc. to explore the principles of lubrication, lubrication of raw materials and methods of moistening, and control of harmful friction and wear. Refueling is just a part of lubrication.
A mechanical lubrication, from the time it was designed, is applied throughout its life.
Myth 2: More oil is better
This is not the case. Simply put, a lubricant is added between the two friction surfaces to form a thin film on the two friction surfaces, avoiding direct contact, thereby reducing wear.
However, considering some side effects of lubricants, it is necessary to strictly control the amount of oil. For example, in the reducer, in order to reduce the resistance of the gear movement and the temperature of the oil, the depth of the gear immersed in the oil should be as high as 1-2 teeth, and the amount of oil added at high speed should be less.
For example, when the rolling bearings of the woodworking machinery are loaded with lubricants, care must be taken not to fill all the bearing cavities, because this will make the bearings rotate, increase resistance, and easily heat, as long as they can fill 1/3 to 2/3 of the cavity can be.
Myth 3: All kinds of mechanical lubricating oil can be used with each other
In the choice of equipment lubricating oil, different types of lubricating oil should be selected according to the working conditions, working environment, specific characteristics of friction surface and different lubrication methods.
For equipment with high speed and strong cuneiform ability, low viscosity lubricants should be selected, and for equipment with large load per unit area, high viscosity and good oily lubricant should be selected.
When the working environment temperature of the equipment is high, a lubricant with high viscosity, high flash point, good oil properties and stability or a lubricant with high drop point should be used.
The smaller the gap between the friction surfaces of the machinery, the lower the viscosity of the selected lubricant; The rougher the friction surface, the greater the viscosity of the selected lubricant. If the grease is selected, the working taper of the grease should be smaller. In the pressure cycle lubrication, the higher the oil temperature, the higher the viscosity of the selected lubricant.
According to the above principles and experimental results, lube oil of different equipment should be strictly selected. In general, it is irreplaceable. If the lubricating oil of different woodworking machinery is used in exchange, it will damage the lubrication environment of the equipment, cause wear and tear of the machine and equipment, and cause economic loss.
Well, don't go into the above mistakes your woodworking machinery life will be longer.
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