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Future Development Direction of Chinese CNC Carpentry Machinery

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Over the past few years, due to market factors, the foreign woodworking machinery industry is in a state of depression, the design level is difficult to have new development, and the development of wood modern processing technology is also almost stagnant. At the same time as the international industry is sluggish, how should China's CNC woodworking machinery industry develop? At the international woodworking machinery exhibition, the modernization of international woodworking machinery and the popularization of numerical control technology have been the theme of the exhibition in recent years, and the development of various woodworking machinery digital control technology. The success of the exhibition is to gradually develop the CNC woodworking machinery of all kinds of wood products to the direction of high precision, high quality, high integration and automation. According to the National conditions, the new product development of woodworking machinery in China is presented in the following aspects:
Developing multi-functional numerical control woodworking machinery for mass production of woodwork production lines. In the past ten years, the era of simply cutting and milling, drilling, and carving machines representing woodworking machinery has passed. The era of mass production of woodwork numerical control woodworking machinery has come. With the expansion of China's woodwork industry, The task of reducing the cost of mass production, increasing profits and labor productivity, and reducing resource consumption has become very prominent. Furniture wooden door industry for the production equipment of numerical control, reduce the number of skilled workers and improve labor productivity, mass production of wood products production line full set of CNC woodworking machinery requirements are also more prominent.
The development direction of numerical control woodworking machinery, 90 % of the foreign woodworking machinery products have been numerically controlled, the largest horizontal knife Bank of numerical control milling machines in developed countries has reached 36, and the automatic turntable can be arranged with 16 knives. The CNC milling machine is generally a double or multi-work table, which will coincide the working time and auxiliary time of the processing and improve labor productivity.
Reducing the rate of wood consumption has also become a prominent feature in the development. In the world, there is increasing scarcity of natural resources and the slogan of low carbon and environmental protection has also received more and more attention. The development of domestic timber utilization technology has also entered the era of market economy, and profits have reached the average profit of market economy. The situation of cruel competition leads to the utilization efficiency of wood to become an important factor for the survival of enterprises. The carpentry machinery industry should develop products that can reduce the consumption rate for enterprises.
Domestic CNC woodworking machinery industry enterprises have also carried out product research and development and production in response to these characteristics, such as the series of CNC woodworking machinery developed by Shuping in Shanghai, such as PZ, DK, DZ, etc., and conducted targeted development for the needs of domestic door enterprises. It not only improves the labor productivity through automation, reduces the demand of the number of workers through intellectualization, but also greatly improves the utilization efficiency of wood, and wins the chance of survival and development for the wooden gate enterprises in the wave of market competition.
To sum up, the popularization of CNC woodworking machinery has been an indisputable fact. How can domestic woodworking machinery enterprises gain more share in the market? We will also see who can develop the needs and difficulties of enterprises in the domestic wood products industry such as furniture, wooden door flooring and other wood products according to the characteristics of the Chinese market, develop better and more advanced and practical equipment, and who can help customers obtain more. Who can lead the competition in the market naturally, but also promote competitors to learn to follow up, so that the entire domestic CNC woodworking machinery industry presents a state of bloom.
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