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As a mature enterprise, we went through:
Under the leadership of Mr. Luodeqing,we are:
Entered the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry of China in 1985, the largest factory of wood working machinery in China: Dujiang Wood Working Machine Tool Factory and worked in the assembly workshop.
Entered the Quality Inspection Department and served as the general assembly inspection in 1990.
Entered the General Assembly Workshop and took up the work of production scheduling in 1993.
Transferred to Plant Production Department, served as the production dispatching of the whole plant in 1995.
Contracted the General Assembly Workshop in 1997.
Produced the first reinforced floor slotting production line machinery was produced in 1998.
Prepared the specialized in manufacturing floor slotting production line machinery in 2002, officially registered to establish Dujiangyan Three Starts Wood Working Machinery Factory in 2004.
From 2006 to 2019: there are more than 500 customers of our factory and more than 4000 sets of equipment in total had been sold in the world.
Customer Details:
China Domestic:Hongshengda Flooring Factory, Sanshan Wood Industry, Huajiao New Material SPC, Bell Floor, Xinyue Flooring Factory, Debao Floor, Yujiabao Flooring Factory, Jinsong Wood, A District Prison, Jiabo Flooring Factory, Xiangyuan Flooring Factory, WanshengZhenyu, Sehngfeng Flooring Factory, Tulihe Flooring Factory, Huilv Flooring Factory, Haoyun Wood, Yabang Wood, Longwang Wood, Qihui Wood, Chuanggao Wood, Hanlin Wood, Huiming Wood, Kailai Wood, Outai Wood, Nanjing Meigaomei SPC, Daou Wood, Juning Wood, Baier Wood, Aiwendi Wood, Yongsheng Wood Industry, Jiaxin Wood, Weiya Wood, Tianxi New Materials Company, Longqi Floor, TongJia Machinery, Van Gogh Art Mining Industry, Chonglian Wood, Burkler Decorative Materials, Longda Wood, Haomai Floor, Wanda's Huawei New Materials Technology Company, Nasen Wood, Jiahe Wood, Hanfeng SPC, Hangao Wood, Yuanda Wood, Hongda Wood, Jingda Wood, Dongxin Wood, Santa Ana Wood, Qingyuan Wood, and Shangyuan New Materia, etc.
Foreign Export:Russia, UZ (Uzbekistan), KZ(Kazakhstan), North Korea, Vietnam, and Iran, etc. 
We have our own R & D production and after-sales team, can be a good guide to customers of pre-sales consultation and after-sales guidance.
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