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As a mature machinery manufacturer, we have a complete customer service system:
Pre sale service
1. Our company can provide customers with perfect product introduction and selection information.
2. Professionals provide design and consulting services to recommend products suitable for customers'actual needs.
Sale service
1. Provide comprehensive technical support for users, cooperate with user selection, and provide economic and reasonable solutions.
2. Provide free training for users, guide installation and maintenance methods, and determine solutions.
3. We guarantee timely delivery according to the delivery date stipulated in the contract.
After-sale service
1. Quality Guarantee Period: According to the regulations of the state, the quality guarantee period for mechanical and electrical products is one year. During the warranty period, users will enjoy free service, life-long paid service and long-term supply of accessories.
2. Free technical consultation.
3. Commitment of after-sales service: the established office areas, 1-8 hours in the city, 1-24 hours in the province, 1-48 hours outside the province, 72 hours in traffic congestion areas.
Whoever buys our products can enjoy our company's service whenever and wherever. We guarantee 24 hours'service for you.
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